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“ products that have been developed demonstrate that they work better than cash, the superiority is clear. digital technology and currency is significantly cheaper and substantially more efficient. reduces friction in the payment system to allow digital transactions to flourish and create a fully inclusive financial society.”

Costas Constantinou (LovCash Founder)
There is an interdependency between all players in the informal sector from consumer to businesses to mini wholesaler to wholesale cash & carry all relying heavily on cash.
At we believe that we have put in place the correct and appropriate infrastructure to enable digital payments for all, the system is flexible, inclusive, low cost and scalable. These are key imperatives for infrastructure design specifically for those that are hard to reach,  thereby reducing cash usage and improving financial inclusion for all. The subsequent growth of informal communities is inevitable which is a key focal point for

Mobile App

With, all transactions, such as ordering and paying for goods using virtual currency, are made as simple as using an app on a cellphone. This is made possible by a powerful combination of leading-edge blockchain technology and digital currency-based transactions, all streamlined by digital infrastructure that is designed specifically for those in the informal sector who are hard to reach.

The app is a digital payment solution that allows the user to utilise a digital currency for receiving and making payments without the need for holding cash. Additional value added features such as airtime and data purchasing as well as the novel market place solution are just some of the versatile and easy to use  features that are available on the mobile app.

Smart Safes

Our Drop Safes, equipped with state of the art technology and custom designed software, will make digital currency exchanges simple, safe and immediate. Currently in the development phase is the use of recycle safes which will be strategically positioned for individuals and business users, alike.


Suppliers have direct access to their consumers therefore decentralising and streamlining the current process. Consumers will have access to the full range available by suppliers and can order from them directly and pay in digital currency on this unique online platform.

This in turn brings highly competitive prices to the consumer.

Cash Back Rewards

A built in rewards facility that can be used anywhere along the value chain with anyone that accepts Rewards are negotiated by for the end consumer. The ultimate aim is to have the largest coalition rewards program in the country. This meets a need which is very limited in South Africa at the moment.

Value Added Services

The platform is enabled to distribute Airtime, Prepaid Electricity, DSTV Subscriptions as well as Data.

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