Why we do what we do

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Community development. Financial inclusion. Social change. Social upliftment. These are the principal tenets that drive the development of lov.cash for the benefit of the informal sector in South Africa and Africa.
lov.cash is a clear solution to the economic disempowerment of the informal sector in South Africa and further afield in Africa. This is achieved through an application of Information Technology that brings together all the stakeholders that operate within the financial constraints of the informal sector.  lov.cash decentralises the marketplace, bringing all suppliers and consumers of goods in direct contact with one another.

This is the first chapter in a sophisticated African success story of social upliftment and financial inclusion for informal communities throughout Africa. For foreign direct investment, the rollout of this solution by Africans for Africans presents as an ideal opportunity with substantial returns.

Our Goals

lov.cash aims to improve and uplift the informal communities by keeping money local, by creating localised employment at a community level and by removing unnecessary costs and financial hurdles from traders and consumers.

Meet the Team

Ashok Vasa

Chief Technical Officer

Olivia Kern

Project Manager

We are lov.cash

The lov.cash team is a diverse, multi national group of passionate individuals dedicated to the growth and success of this exciting digital platform.


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Our team of highly qualified, highly motivated individuals with a wealth of knowledge and experience in both the tech and informal sectors are waiting for you. Join the future of trading through lov.cash digital currency.
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